Terrance Banks

Be on the look out for Terrance Banks.  Hailing from Iowa, Terrance brings a new approach to soul.  His voice is one to be sought after.  An artist at Soultru, Terrance has yet to release a project, but one is now in the works, after releasing a few singles.  I had the pleasure of hearing a sample of what he is bringing to the table, and needless to say, I am impressed.

Him and some friends will be opening for Josh Hoyer in the near future.  Josh Hoyer had his appearance on this season of the Voice.  I’m looking forward to hear the rest of his new project.  After speaking with Terrance extensively, he is ready to get his feet wet in the music business.

Follow the link to check him out on Soundcloud or just listen here on the page.




S.H.A.D.O.W. ,hailing from the KC, joins the ranks of The Fraternity earlier this year.  Born Gerald Veon Washington in early 1981, S.H.A.D.O.W. has been an emcee since 1999.  He has worked with a few notables in the hip-hop game.


His own website will be joining The Fraternity family of sites soon.  In the meantime, check out some of the videos and music below.  Feel free to leave us a comment.




SHADOW feat. Royce Da 5’9″ – Get It On



Tech N9ne – Yeah Ya Can



10 – Tech N9ne – Party & Bullshit (featuring Big Ben & Shadow)

Track 10 from Album Sickology 101I Highly Recommend you all buy it from iTunes!


Sleep AKA The Cousin of Death

Sleep, born Jeremy Spencer, on April 21, 1984 is the founding member of The Fraternity.  In other words, he is The President, The Grand Supreme, God, The Eye in the Triangle.  Born in Cincinnati, he grew up in Lockland and Mt. Healthy districts of the city.  With his release of Lockland 95, Sleep began picking up steam on a national level with singles like Jeremy and Duke.  Before the release of Lockland 95, he released tracks as single projects, not to be listed on any of his albums or EPs.  Some of those single include Leonidas and How To Rob.

Working together with Eye Kue the Vandal and producer extraordinaire, The Dope Antelope, The Fraternity followed up Sleep’s success with the EP, The Pale Horse.  Gaining more steam and followers, The Fraternity began growing in numbers, not just in membership, but in supporters.  Today, Sleep is respected by other members of The Fraternity as the leader, even though nothing is official and Sleeps view that they are all equals.

Music isn’t the end of Sleeps career as an entertainer, through filming videos, he has proven himself to be a formidable actor.  He has guest appearances on Podcasts and even has his own radio show which he hosts with Leo Bishop, who is not a member of The Fraternity, but is an associate.  In Sleeps world view, the associates and supporters of The Fraternity are the real BackBone of this movement.  Without them, none of his success would be possible.

Keeping an eye on his family and children, Sleeps sole reason for doing music is to give his children the life he never had and always dreamed of.  You can find him on Facebook as Sleep the fraternity Fraternity.  Engage him in conversation.  He is as real as this screen you are looking at.  Full of social commentary and awareness.  Check his videos out.  Check out his website Lockland95. Check out his music at Bandcamp.


Check a review on his newest release here


Chi Money comes to us from Chattanooga, TN.  With a strong musical background, Chi has been writing songs most of his life and recording for 10 yrs.  After a rocky path in Chicago lead him back home to Tennessee at the age of 19, Chi decided to get serious about his music.  He enlisted in rap battles online on a site called Sixshot.com.  Taking the criticism he received as advice, he developed, over time, into the artist we have today.

Inspired by life and several close calls with death, Chi sees things through new eyes.  Music isn’t just something he enjoys doing, it has become a need for him to produce music.  It is this need that drives him.  He doesn’t seek recognition, money, or fame.  The reward he receives is the messages from fans and supporters that his music has effected in a positive way.

Before becoming a member of The Fraternity at the end of 2015, Chi had worked with all the original members of The Fraternity on various projects over the years.  He even released a project called “The Hunger Game” around the same time Sleep and former      II Man Cypher partner, Cocaine Chris, released their project called “The Hunger Games.”

To him, The Fraternity is a group of highly talented individuals with a work ethic like no other.  Every member of The Fraternity is innovative, creative.  Proud to be a member of The Fraternity, Chi understands what Brotherhood means and will do whatever needs to be done to help his Fraternity Brothers meet and exceed their personal goals.


Loose Logic

Making music since high school, and inspired by Napster to pursue it because he thought he was better than a freestyle he had heard, Loose Logic has made quite an impression in the underground scene.  Clocking in at age 33, Loose Logic has released six full length projects.  But, rapping isn’t the end of is musical repertoire. Skills include piano, keyboard, songwriting, and composition.  These skills, along with the rush from the limelights, make making music a way of life for Loose Logic.

Inspired by others conquering great adversity, whether from book or movie, he looks to the legends to find his deeper self.  Not all of his inspiration comes in that form though.  Of course as an emcee he is inspired, in part, by the likes of Tupac, Bone Thugs, and Tech N9ne.  The majority of his drive to keep pushing comes from his fans.  The messages that say “Your song kept me from going over the edge,” or “Your song changed my life,” are what truly motivate him, much like the greats before him.

As an original member of The Fraternity, Loose finds deeper meaning involved.  In his own words, “it is a collective of extremely talented individuals. The Frat includes everything from beat makers and engineers to lyricists and vocalists. The Fraternity is a type of super group that contains highly skilled individuals with original and unique styles that somehow mesh perfectly on the same song together. The Frat is my extended family, supportive and competitive.”

And it is here that I reiterate to you on, Loose Logics behalf, Don’t ask to be in The Frat homie…..The vault is closed.  The Fraternity is so much more than music to those of us involved.  It is brotherhood.




Jus Ra.  The enigma of The Fraternity.  The only thing we know for sure about Jus Ra’s personal background is that he is from Flint, Michigan.  We don’t know his birth date. No clue as to his actual age.  His lyrical skill level would lead one to believe that he is as old as rhyme itself.  Jus Ra is probably not even his given name, just an assumed moniker.  Is he the sun god of Ancient Egypt revisiting the flesh?  

What we have been able to glean from sources about Jus is that he first appeared on the rap scene in early 2004.  Motivated to be the best, he twists words and metaphor like no other.  He is not out in the game seeking to be signed, he is seeking barber shop conversation, discussed in a manner similar to Jay-Z.  He seeks the recognition  of peers, not fans.  Fans come and go.  To be looked up to by the next generation of emcees, that is his goal.

In his own words, The Fraternity to him is, “A call back to a greater time.  The golden age of rap.  It is highly poetic.  A collection of highly talented writers.  We all portray different things, but the underlying element is skill.  We are skill.  We don’t have skill.  We are the Skill.”